Connecting tech with local businesses impacted by coronavirus.

We recognise that the culture of our city is in jeopardy if our independent shops and businesses are lost…

The pandemic created not just a public health emergency, but also a social and economic crisis. At Silicon Brighton, we believed that together, we could help support local business recovery, during and post lockdown. By working with volunteers from our local community we were able to provide free access to advice on digital transformation and moving services online and give support to those businesses that need it most.

About Our Brighton

Our Brighton was a non-profit initiative brought to you by the team at Silicon Brighton, connecting tech with local businesses impacted by coronavirus.

Those who wanted to create an online store, adapt processes for remote working, make improvements to an existing website, increase their digital marketing presence, or better understand new website traffic, were able to turn to Our Brighton for support. Whatever the challenge – local volunteers from our community could help.

Thanks to Our supporters…