We run and support a range of free events in Brighton and Sussex that cover a broad spectrum of specialist areas; from marketing to programming, product design to data. Whether you work in tech or are a fan of all things digital, you’ll leave with knowledge, skills and connections gained.


Async is a place for experienced professionals and those learning to code to discover, discuss and play with JavaScript and related web technologies.

AWS Brighton User Group

AWS Brighton User Group is a vibrant community where AWS enthusiasts come together to network, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cloud computing.

Brighton AI

Brighton AI is a place for AI enthusiasts, professionals, learners, or the simply curious to gain accelerated knowledge and skills in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.

Brighton Blockchain

Brighton Blockchain hosts regular events around crypto and web 3.0, ranging from casual discussions and networking, to talks from people in the industry.

Brighton Cloud

Brighton Cloud is here to build a network and a community among Cloud Professionals, and to explore how cloud computing is changing the fabric of IT systems.

Brighton Data Forum

Brighton Data Forum is a socialising, networking, and skill-sharing community, bringing together those working with data in its various forms.

Brighton Gophers

Brighton Gophers hosts workshops, talks and discussions for anyone interested in the Golang programming language, whether experienced or beginner.

Brighton JUG

Brighton JUG covers the world of Java, from android development to server frameworks, tools to development methodologies.

Brighton Kotlin

Brighton Kotlin is for Kotlin users, enthusiasts and learners, from beginners to experts.

Brighton Py

Brighton Py runs talks, workshops and socials for those interested in the Python programming language.

Brighton R

Brighton R meets regularly to share stories, insights and inspiration about all things R programming.

Caring for Coders

Caring for Coders is for anyone in the tech community looking for practical tips to improve their health and wellness.

Ethical Digital Marketing

Build brands and grow businesses with ethical marketing methods that customers trust.

Game Dev Drinks

Game Dev Drinks meets on the last Friday of every month, bringing together local game developers for networking and (sometimes) live music.

Green Software Brighton

The Green Software – Brighton group is for anyone interested in green software. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

JavaScript Brighton

JavaScript Brighton is a social, networking, information sharing group for people that have an interest in JavaScript, at all levels.

Lean Agile Brighton

Lean Agile Brighton is a place to discuss, explore and learn about all areas of Lean and Agile development.

Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters (previously Marketing Talk) hosts insightful events covering all topics every person needs in their marketing toolkit.

People and Culture Club

People and Culture Club offers advice from those who’ve successfully supported their business, invested in their people and created a positive workplace culture.

People, Planet, Pint

People, Plant, Pint brings together those with a shared passion for sustainability in all its forms to network, chat about challenges and solutions, and find opportunities for collaboration.

PHP Sussex

PHP Sussex meet online every month to discuss and learn about all things PHP and web development.

Product Unleashed

Product Unleashed sets out to answer the big questions in product, while bringing fresh perspectives from industry leaders.

South Coast Sellers Club

South Coast Sellers Club was a group for salespeople at all levels, business owners, founders and team leaders.

Startup Grind Brighton

Startup Grind Brighton hosts monthly startup events to teach, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Sussex Azure User Group

Sussex Azure User Group is aimed at I.T professionals in Sussex to meet and discuss all things Microsoft Azure.

Sussex Data Science

Sussex Data Science is for anyone interested in technology, innovations, services and research in, and related to, data science.

Sussex Game Makers

A community for those working in Sussex’s games sector, to come together and socialise, share knowledge, challenges, solutions and opportunities.

Tech Jumpstart

Tech Jumpstart is a place for people new to the technology industry to connect and find learning opportunities.