The Metaverse: Building The Future Of Society


Thursday 31st March    
6:30pm - 8:31pm


The Southern Belle
3 Waterloo Street, Hove, BN3 1AQ

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Let’s discuss the metaverse! This is an informal event where we can meet like-minded people and chat over a drink or two.

The term ‘metaverse’ refers to digital environments where we work, play, socialise, and live; whether in virtual reality, or in our increasing integration of the internet into everyday life.
Blockchain allows this to be possible like never before:

  • NFTs allow ownership of digital items akin to physical ones, so digital property can have value, and there can be no dispute over ownership.
  • Blockchain provides trust in the functioning of a digital world, which lets people dedicate time and money to a digital life, and overcomes the risk of a centralised platform intervening in any way, whether by changing, withdrawing, or restricting their digital assets.
  • And finally, crypto-economics means that users can own the platform or service too, meaning they can have a say in the governance, and they have an incentive to improve and build it.

Here are some talking points:

  • What use do NFTs have, beyond owning JPEGs? Will we have NFT identities? NFT avatars? NFT land, NFT pets, NFT clothes, NFT voices, NFT lives?
  • How will this evolve? What ways? JPMorgan has put time and money into a VR platform called Decentraland (MANA), HSBC recently bought ‘digital land’ in a similar platform called The Sandbox (SAND). Instagram just announced they will integrate NFTs, following Twitter’s recent profile picture integration. Online shopping is increasingly involving blockchain and digital assets, and of course bitcoin is the original ‘trailblazer’ in putting your full trust in a digital asset over a physical one. How many more physical assets will be ‘converted’ into digital?

So, let’s chat about all this and more! As a crypto-focused group, we’ll inevitably stray into other similar areas, and are open to any related discussions! No matter your expertise or background, anyone is welcome!

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