20 Jul

Product Unleashed: Product Ops 101 – What, Why, When, How

Product Unleashed: Product Ops 101 - What, Why, When, How


Thursday 20th July    
6:00pm - 8:30pm


83 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE

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Welcome product enthusiasts!

We’re a meet-up group that hosts bi-monthly live speaking events for those interested in the world of digital products, design, and doing things differently!

Each meet-up features new guests from some of the most influential product companies around the world, providing unique insights, tangible ideas, and new techniques to help drive change from the inside out.

Our speakers for July:

Gerisha Nadaraju

Product Ops Consultant and Board Advisor
Former Head of Product Operations @ Dojo
Founder & Host of @ Product Ops Podcast

Gerisha is a Product Operations industry expert who heads up this function at UK payments scale-up, Dojo, and previously did the same at fintech unicorn, TrueLayer. She launched Product Ops Podcast in 2021 to share learnings on a nascent function, amplify diverse voices working in this space and build a sense of community.

Gerisha is originally from South Africa and has an MBA from Oxford University.

She is also passionate about helping women in tech navigate their careers, with a new podcast called “The Other Half” launching later this year.

About the Talk:

Product Ops 101 – What, Why, When, How

Product Ops is an emerging function across the tech industry. It has become increasingly popular in the last 3-5 years with more companies hiring for product ops roles as well as the emergence of resources and events dedicated to it. But, there is still much to be learned in this space!

Given that key “customers” for Product Ops are the people who build and ship products in a company i.e. product managers, product designers, and engineers – this talk should resonate even if you are not working in a product ops role!

In this talk, Gerisha will draw on her personal experience of working as a Product Ops leader as well as the numerous insights from her podcast guests (Stripe, Shopify, Twilio etc) in order to unpack:

  • What Product Ops is (and what it is not)
  • Why it is needed
  • When a company should consider introducing Product Ops
  • How best to structure and work with Product ops

She will run through practical examples and case studies which highlight some common problems in how we “do” product at scale (as well as how to tackle them from a Product Ops point of view).

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