08 Feb

PHP Sussex: Clean, Concise, Collaborative Code

PHP Sussex: Clean, Concise, Collaborative Code


Wednesday 8th February    
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Pizza Pilgrims
35 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AB

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After a small break in January to make resolutions we won’t keep, we’re back with our first 2023 event!

This month, Christopher Miller is showing us how to make our code “Clean, Concise, and Collaborative”. Chris is an experienced full-stack developer working at Jump24 and who is no stranger to PHP Sussex, since he already gave a talk a little while ago.

Here is how he introduces this one:

“Our code can be really helpful to every person that looks at it, if we do it right. So we look at 6 questions we can ask about our own code to ensure that it’s Clean, Concise and Collaborative. We build on planning, abstraction, encapsulation, testing and documentation to ensure that everyone can work together for a better project.”

This promises to be very informative, so I hope to see you there and then!

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