08 Sep

Lean Agile Brighton – The Bare Necessities with Ben Collins

Lean Agile Brighton - The Bare Necessities with Ben Collins


Wednesday 8th September    
5:30pm - 7:30pm

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Lean Agile are back running in person events at The Skiff!

Safety measures are TBC, and will be confirmed nearer the time. We will also be enforcing a cap on participants, please keep your RSVP up-to-date on Meetup.

18:30 – Arrive for drinks and food (TBC)
19:00 – Main session starts

Many thanks to our brilliant sponsors – Bright and MPB – for their support, which allows us to keep running these events.

Details on the talk:

The Bare Necessities: Secrets of Disney’s Keys to World-Class Design and Service.

Walt Disney had a vision. As a child, he had loved visiting local theme parks. However, he had found them to often be dirty and unfriendly. He wanted to build an immersive experience that the whole family could enjoy. Disneyland was born, transporting visitors to worlds detached from their everyday troubles.

65 years later, Disney run 11 different theme parks in 6 global locations. They continue to concentrate on a world-class experience for all visitors, putting attention into even the smallest details that make a day out easy and enjoyable.

This talk will reveal some of these hidden secrets, and encourage us to think about how we can learn from the processes used to build Disney’s experiences.


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