15 Jun

Lean Agile Brighton: June Meetup

Lean Agile Brighton: June Meetup


Thursday 15th June    
7:00pm - 9:00pm


Bright Interactive
Tower Point, Ninth Floor, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR

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Join us at our next meetup! We’ll be joined by a lineup of fantastic speakers for what is bound to be an engaging and informative evening.

We’ll be gathering at Bright’s offices (Ninth Floor, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton) for an opportunity to share stories, listen to some brilliant speakers, and socialise.

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Speaker Details

Alex Atherton
Understanding Generation Z – recruiting, retaining and motivating the best of the youngest generation in the workplace

Gen Z (years of birth 1995-2009) is the most significant generational shift so far. They are different to what has come before and for good reason. The challenges they have inherited are incredibly difficult, but they are also well-placed to overcome them.

In order to recruit, retain and motivate the best, leaders and organisations need to learn and adapt, and quickly. Former secondary school headteacher and Gen Z expert Alex Atherton will identify their key characteristics, and the actions which leaders and organisations can take not only to survive but ensure future prosperity.

Todd Anderson
Cut the crap – how to unlock value quicker by trusting your teams

Agile frameworks implicitly build trust, however, the TRUST Framework attempts to bring trust management as an explicit part of how we effectively manage projects and relationships.
We start with this simple Axiom: maximising trust throughout the organisation, in all directions, creates a more efficient and happier working environment, resulting in higher value creation for the organisation and its stakeholders.
If you agree with this, then a high level of trust is not only a better working environment, but it also affects the bottom line, as increased trust more efficiently delivers value. Therefore, it is worth investing in the building and maintaining of trust, regardless of what delivery methods you use.
This talk will challenge how we think about trust and cover practical actions to build trust in your teams. Details at https://trust-framework.com/

Sam Carpenter
Workshop Hacks

Sharing the hard-earned secret sauce to effective collaboration. A guide on workshop principles, frameworks, mechanics.

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