13 Dec

How to Get Started With AI in Your Business (A Hands-On, Practical Session)

How to Get Started With AI in Your Business (A Hands-On, Practical Session)


Wednesday 13th December    
6:00pm - 7:30pm


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As an entrepreneur, AI can sometimes feel scary because there’s so much uncertainty around it…

In this session, you’ll leave knowing more about your ideal client and how to connect with them in a deeply human way than you ever have before! All in seconds, thanks to AI, even if you hate tech.

Just to be clear – you don’t need any tech skills for this session. Here’s what other entrepreneurs have to say about our approach.

We believe it’s wrong people are worried about AI. Our goal is to help as many Brighton-based entrepreneurs in any type of business understand how to embrace it, especially in their marketing. If you’re an accountant, plumber, creative… you’ll discover how AI can help you right now.

We have over 20 years of business strategy experience, especially in sales and marketing.

We started using ChatGPT back in March to solve real world problems, and we’ve never looked back.

On one side, we work with entrepreneurs (that’s where our heart is) to help them accelerate their business growth by using AI to make an immediate impact. We want to help entrepreneurs in Brighton move faster and outcompete the rest of the country.

On the other side of our business, especially in the US, we work with large SMEs and corporates to help them embrace AI.

This session is designed for people who have either no experience with AI or ChatGPT or who know they’re only using it without getting to the “gold”.

In this session, we’ll give you an overview of how AI can be used and show you real-life examples of the work we’re doing with clients so you see the potential and what’s possible now.

(Just so you know, there is ZERO tech in this session. If you can browse the web, that’s all you need.)

Next, the majority of the session will be hands on.

We’ll share some of our prompts and GPTs so, even if you have access to the free version, you can start to see how AI can have an IMMEDIATE impact on your business.

This will be a hands on session. You’ll leave knowing more than you’ve ever known before about your ideal client, and how to connect with them on a deep level to build trust.

And we’ll wrap up with a Questions and Answer session so you leave feeling confident you understand the opportunity ahead of you with AI and how to make the most of it.

What you need to bring:

  • A ChatGPT account (either free or paid-for)
  • To make the most of the session, come with an idea of who you’d love to bump into at a networking event and the problem they are trying to solve that you can help with.
  • You need zero experience of AI or ChatGPT
  • You also need zero tech ability – we won’t talk about anything technical in the session. It’s all about how to solve real-world business problems so you can get results.

If you’d like a sneak-peak of how to get started, download our free guide here

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