Here to Extraordinary


Thursday 24th February    
7:00pm - 8:30pm

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Hear an extraordinary story that will challenge your thinking, and inspire ways to develop the performance of you and your team

About the event

Each one of us has the capacity to be extraordinary. So do our teams. And companies.

What can we all learn from a local ultra-endurance athlete, entrepreneur and coach, who ran 628 miles across England in less than a month, about unlocking that potential?

You’re invited to a special evening with Matt Bagwell, inspiring you and your team to think differently and perform better.

Matt is a Performance Coach, Endurance Athlete and Advanced Oxygen Advantage™ Breathwork Instructor. His career spans Executive-level creative leadership, driving high-performance team cultures, working for companies including Dell EMC, AKQA, Barclays, Salesforce, B&Q, Virgin Atlantic and Zego. Simply put, Matt helps people to perform as well as they can; to realise their full potential through conversation and practical exercises.

Matt will be talking about his background, his battles with mental health, what helped him change his outlook, and the learnings he now uses to help others.

So, join us for a chance to experience an extraordinary story that will challenge and improve your business’s inner workings, with takeaways you can implement to support yourself and your team.

Matt’s Story

“It took me two years to achieve my goal of completing the 1000K Run the Country Ultramarathon. From a simple idea to demonstrate what’s possible when someone turns their back on depression. Chooses to stay, chooses to thrive to a feat of endeavour and endurance that captured the imaginations of thousands of people across the country and raised almost £50,000 to prevent suicide. From an ordinary guy who ran 5K’s along the seafront to someone who woke up to another ultramarathon, somewhere different, each morning for a month, crossing all 43 counties of England.

During those 24 months and thousands of kilometres, I learnt what it takes to become truly focused, determined and disciplined. I learnt how to prepare and function as part of a high performing team. I learnt how to be flexible, to adapt to uncertainty. I learnt what happens when a finish line is crossed, everyone else goes home, and you’re still out there.

The most valuable outcome of this adventure, apart from the £50,000 raised for Campaign Against Living Miserably, was the shared conversations and the magical moment when people go further than they ever thought possible, scaling barriers that had inhibited them or blocked their paths to an extraordinary moment.”

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