19 May

Design Declares! Monthly Session – May

Design Declares! Monthly Session – May


Friday 19th May    
12:30pm - 1:30pm


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Join the May D! Monthly session

D! Monthly sessions are an opportunity for designers of the Design Declares community to meet and share learnings around taking action to tackle the planetary crisis.

The format of D! sessions consists community updates and highlights for 10 minutes, followed by a discussion in small groups around a topic related to one of the 8 Acts. In May, we’ll focus on Act 2.

“Act 2: Start the journey: invest in educating ourselves and our teams on methods of sustainable and regenerative design, and show leadership by making measurable change to our practice.”

This will be an opportunity to hear from how others in the community have been using methods and resources to adapt our practice towards sustainable and regenerative ones. Whether you’re a veteran planet-led designer or a climate curious creative, we want to hear about your journey, the challenges and what you learned along the way!

We’ll also be discussing the Design Declares toolkit: if/how you’ve been using it, how it could be improved in order to support you and the design community with your goals and challenges around climate action.

If you haven’t already, we have a live survey to review how the toolkit is used, who and what our community need from a collection of climate resources. Complete the survey here.

The meeting will be on Zoom, and we will split into smaller groups for discussion depending on how many people join.

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