Caring for Coders – Preventing Burnout


Wednesday 12th May    
11:30am - 12:30pm

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Caring for Coders

Caring for Coders is a new meetup for anyone in the tech community looking for practical tips to improve their health and wellness.

Our host is Michelle Flynn, a CBT Practitioner & Certified Health Coach, who has a wealth of experience from her own technical background and understands the specific challenges the tech community faces.

We cover a range of important topics each month, from managing anxiety to healthy eating, all supported by a WhatsApp group filled with helpful resources. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences and challenges, or just sit back and listen.

This month’s topic: Preventing Burnout

At some point we all experience stress, whether that be in our professional or personal lives, and whilst typically manageable it’s important to understand the signs of excessive stress, which can often lead to burnout.

Join us for our next ‘Caring for Coders’ session which, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, will explore the subject of burnout and share practical tips and advice on managing stress.

In this talk, Michelle will discuss the characteristics of burnout, plus the symptoms you can recognise in yourself and those you work alongside. It’s a key skill to be able to identify and deal with stressors before they escalate.

We will also be joined by Matthew Bagwell, Director of Brand and Advanced Breathwork Instructor, who will share his own personal experiences of dealing with stress and the tips he’s found helpful to manage his own mental health. He will also be treating the group to a short breathwork session, which can help you relieve stress by intentionally changing your breathing pattern.

So, whether you are dealing with stress and want to better understand the science behind it all, or you are responsible for managing a team and need to recognise the signs in others – come join us!

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