09 Sep

Brighton Py – September meetup

Brighton Py - September meetup


Thursday 9th September    
4:00pm - 5:30pm

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Brighton Py will return this September! Whether you’re new to Python or Brighton, an old hand or just want to hang out with some like-minded people then come and join us!

After much consideration, we’ve decided to keep this event online on zoom, and will be looking at making future events hybrid.


Tiago Antao

At the next meetup, Tiago Antao will join us to talk about “Accelerating Data Science with GPU computing”. We’ll look at why GPUS can be orders of magnitude more efficient than CPUSs for data science workload, and the pros and cons of GPU architectures.

Tiago will explain how we can program GPUs from Python and in it, without the need of using another language. Then, we’ll discuss existing data science libraries that allow us to use GPUs transparently, such as without the need to know how to program GPUs directly. We will talk about CuPy (NumPy for GPUs) and CuDF (Pandas alike) and also Dask integration with GPUs

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