Brighton Jug: Thriving in the Cloud: Venturing Beyond the 12 Factors


Tuesday 24th May    
5:00pm - 7:00pm


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May 2022 Brighton Jug Meetup- Thriving in the Cloud: Venturing Beyond the 12 Factors!


Thriving in the cloud:
Venturing beyond the 12 factors

with Grace Jansen and Yasmin Aumeeruddy


Event Format:
This is a hybrid event, offering the option to come along in person or join us from anywhere online!

Online sign up here:

We will be opening the zoom just before 6pm for people to gather and chat.


We are very excited to welcome Grace Jansen (Developer Advocate) and Yasmin Aumeeruddy (Software Developer) from at IBM on their Open Liberty tour. They will be giving a workshop on Thriving in the cloud: Venturing beyond the 12 factors:

Enabling applications to really thrive (and not just survive) in cloud environments can be challenging. The original 12-factor app methodology helped to lay out some of the key characteristics needed for cloud-native applications… but… as our cloud infrastructure and tooling has progressed, so too have these factors.

In this workshop, we’ll dive into the extended and updated 15 factors needed to build cloud-native applications that are able to thrive in this environment and get hands-on with open-source technologies and tools (including MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, Open Liberty, OpenJ9, and more!) that can help us achieve this.

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