04 Oct

Brighton AI: AI – A Primer

Brighton AI: AI - A Primer


Wednesday 4th October    
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Hove Town Hall, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AF

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This year has seen an explosion in mass-market AI software, from image generation to chatbots. The sector is evolving rapidly, with major web and application developers from Microsoft to Google ‘bettering the farm’ by binding AI tools and services into the core of their platforms. Meanwhile, media reports abound of the threat of AI to jobs, societal norms and even our world, making the topic a hard one to ignore.

But what actually is AI? How does it work and what makes it different from ‘normal’ software? Why, in short, all the fuss?!

In this session Graeme Cox (Founder & CEO at Attercop) will arm you with a basic knowledge of what AI is (and isn’t), how you might go about introducing AI tools to your businesses and developments, and tips on how to prepare yourself for the AI-disrupted future we are undoubtedly moving towards.

Graeme will cover:

  • An overview of AI and machine learning for a non-technical audience
  • AI & Machine Learning primary use cases, and how to go about identifying opportunities to use AI for business benefit
  • Developing an AI roadmap for your business, and the importance of ‘AI Maturity’
  • Likely trends in AI over the next 18 months, impacts on different areas of business, and how to position for advantage

Followed by a Q&A where you can ask all your burning questions.

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