July Events – What’s On This Month?

This month we have some fantastic events coming up, including the launch of a new meetup, plus our first in-person event in over a year!


So, what’s happening this month?

⭐  Brighton Py – 8th July | 17:00-18:30

Come along to the first Brighton Py event of 2021, with talks from Software Specialist Ashley Oldershaw and Data Scientist Moritz Boos.

Ashley will guide us through the features of Python, including the basics and some features you may not know about, followed by a gentle introduction to natural language processing by Moritz that will help you sort through and organise unstructured data. 🎟️  More info here.

⭐  Trust me I’m not a bot… – 21st July | 18:00-20:00

With restrictions lifting very soon, we’re delighted to be partnering with the Brighton Data Forum group, to bring you a very special, in-person get-together at Platf9rm, Hove.

At the event, we’ll be joined by AI artist Eric Drass (aka shardcore) for an insightful talk exploring machine manipulation, deep fakes and whether you should really be scared of those bots. 

So, if you’d like to join us for an interesting discussion on the future of authenticity in a post-truth world, plus network with some people in real life again – this is one not to be missed!

 Special thanks to Brandwatch and MPB for kindly sponsoring this event 🙌.

🎟️  More info here

⭐  People and Culture Club – 21st July | 12:30-14:00

We’re excited to be teaming up with leadership coach Ally Jones to launch the People and Culture Club – a safe space for managers, founders and leaders to come together, share ideas, learn from and champion one another.

Each month, you’ll hear stories from those who’ve successfully supported their business, invested in their people and created a culture where everyone can thrive. For our first event, Hanna Smith (Head of People at Paddle) will be giving a talk on embracing flexible working in a post-COVID world.

So if you’re thinking ‘when should the team come back to the office, if at all?’ or ‘how can we balance the needs and expectations of the business and our people?’, come along to get some clarity around these tough decisions with the help of Hanna. 🎟️  More info here.

⭐  Lean Agile Brighton – 21st July | 19:00-20:30

Your team is full of people who are good to work with, right? But could there be subtle, everyday behaviours that undermine trust and prevent you from achieving your full potential?

Join Lean Agile where they’ll be discussing how to create a team culture where people feel safe, supported and valued at work. 🎟️  More info here.

⭐ Brighton Kotlin – 22nd July | 18:00-20:00

At this month’s meetup, Software Engineer Karin-Aleksandra Monoid will walk us through Arrow Core, a library for Typed Functional Programming in Kotlin. 

They’ll cover concepts and tips that all software engineers can implement to improve their projects. 🎟️  More info here.

⭐  Brighton Gophers – 27th July | 16:00-17:30  

Fancy creating your own custom Kubernetes resources?

Richard Hayes, Infrastructure Team Lead at Futrli, will be leading a session on how to effectively use the Kubebuilder framework to create your own resources and load them into a cluster. 🎟️  More info here.

Running an event of your own? 

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